Textbook Donations

Textbooks are essential to science classrooms

          In a science classroom, textbooks are considered an essential part of the class. They not only provide the basis of the curriculum that the teachers use but also as a very important reference tool for students when they are confused about a topic.

          The problem is that textbooks are not cheap. A new textbook can cost upwards of $250 for each copy. Even used copies sell for more than $100/copy. Underfunded schools with low budgets cannot afford to buy them, and in turn it hurts both student performance in the class and the success of the student compared to their peers in better funded schools.

          We regularly hold textbook donation drives and thanks to our generous donors, we are able to donate used (and sometimes new) textbooks to schools that need them. In many cases, however, a science course often needs a specific textbook that a donation drive can't expect to provide in large quantities. This is where your charitable donation comes in. We use your donation to provide the struggling schools across the US with the textbooks that they so desperately need but cannot afford.

Funding for Workshops & STEM Seminars

Workshops generate interest for STEM among kids

          Genuine interest in a subject is not forced--it's developed over time. Children learn best when they are truly interested in a subject and not simply studying it because they have to. Our workshops and science-related seminars are a way to tapping into the hidden passion of children that haven't discovered their love for STEM yet. We explore thought-provoking phenomenons of our natural world while also keeping it engaging and interesting for kids. By hosting these events, we make studying science and other related fields enjoyable for kids, and thus easier for them to find their passion in science.

          Unfortunately, hosting these events come with a financial burden on our relatively small organization. For example, in one workshop we explore plant leaves and plant DNA with children but to do so, we needed 5-6 microscopes. Each microscope costed upwards of $400 and the grand total was $2,000+. That amount was truly a serious financial investment and would not have been able to be realized without the generosity of our donors. Part of your donation will go towards helping us finance our events so that we can reach more kids and bring the joys of STEM to more children.

Lab Equipment Donations

From microscopes to beakers, these equipment are crucial to a lab.

          Just like textbooks, lab equipment is a crucial component of a science classroom. Equipment like microscopes allow students to examine minuscule samples of tissue/cells with great detail. Machines increase the efficiency and modernity of a lab. Other equipment like beakers, pipettes, Bunsen burners, flasks, thermometers, pressure valves, etc. are often required in many labs in state and national science curriculums. Without these equipment, some lab/experiments that are beneficial to a student's understanding of the topic simply can't be conducted--and thus hindering the student's ability to compete with children from well-funded schools who are able to complete labs.

         Lab equipment, however, costs a lot. One microscope can cost upwards of $400 while a thermocycler machine can cost almost $5,000. Schools who are cash-strapped simply do not have the budget to afford equipment like this for their students. Your donation helps us fund to buy at least some of the necessary materials for school laboratories.


We may occasionally redirect funds from our programs to cover unexpected costs or overhead costs. These budget changes may not be covered in our annual review, but will be announced as they come through. The Director of Development will update the Board of Directors on a bi-monthly basis, and the Board will in turn send out communication letters explaining any budget changes or fund redirects as needed.

If you have any questions regarding our financial details or transparency, please email legal@thestemgen.org and we will try our best to assist you. Please note that we are may be legally bound to withhold private or sensitive financial information.


Thank you for your understanding and support for our organization!