We would also like to give thanks to the 160+ volunteers who works tirelessly with us to make our events successful.

They are all an essential part of our team.

Helen Li

Chair of the Board

Helen has ample experience working as a financial analyst and holds degrees in economics and business. She joined the team in January 2019.

Jeffery Goldman


Jeffery has had hands-on experience in leading and working in team environments and is a great addition to our growing team. Jeffery joined the team in June 2018.

Tom MacAuley

Director of Development

With three years of experience in the finance sector, Tom has had first-hand experience in organizing, running, and directing successful events. Tom joined the team in July 2018.

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Eric Jing

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An avid lover of economics and nature, Eric founded the nonprofit after visiting rural schools and seeing the state of dysfunction in classrooms across the nation.

Xiangfeng Jing


With almost 20 years of software developing under his belt, Xiangfeng knows the importance of STEM and how crucial it is for the future. Xiangfeng joined the team in August 2019

Amy Miller

Vice President

Amy is currently a computer science major hoping to pursue a career in STEM in the future. She has had extensive experience in fundraising and the nonprofit sector. Amy joined the team in October 2018.

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