On April 1st, President Eric Jing called an emergency (online) meeting of the Board of Directors and approved a series of measures meant to ensure the health of all staff and supporters. An official communiqué containing all enacted measures can be found below.

On June 15th, the Board of Directors convened for the monthly Board meeting and approved a series of measures outlining the rollback of emergency COVID-19 measures. An official communiqué can be found below:



As of today, all previously halted programs (except for the SciWorks workshops) have now resumed normal or partial operations. As we continue to monitor the development of COVID-19 and receive instructions from the CDC on operations, we will be sure to update this page regularly.

There currently is no rescheduled resumption of the SciWorks program due to the high uncertainty with the developing pandemic. The Board of Directors will issue new social distancing guidelines should the SciWorks program be resumed during September or October to protect the health of both the staff and participants. Thank you for your understanding and continued cooperation.


JUNE 27th

In preparation for the restart of the eduSTEM program next Wednesday after nearly three and a half month of pause, we will be emailing new available time slots to school administrations and teachers starting today so that our delivery schedule of equipment is not overloaded at once.


As many states and municipal governments start to reopen, we have been careful to reopen low-risk events/operations. As such, the Board convened on June 15th, 2020 to enact measures for a safe reopening timeline. Please keep in mind this timeline is subject to change in the next month:

  • All eduSTEM program deliveries will resume on July 1st. Previously canceled deliveries to schools will now be rescheduled to a date in July, August, or September.

  • Physical offices will reopen on August 1st following all social distancing protocols.

  • All SciWorks program events will resume September 1st unless local, state, or federal regulations prevent the restart of the program anytime between now and then.

To see the complete list of programs, projects, or events reopening, please click here.

May 24TH

All previously postponed or canceled deliveries will be rescheduled to a time window in August.

May 3rd

We have decided to delay our May online Board meeting date to Saturday, May 16th, 2020. In addition, we felt it was in our best interest to open this meeting to the public so questions about our operations and events can be promptly answered. Thus, our May meeting will be our first open public meeting, and it will be conducted through an online meeting host (such as ZOOM). 

We will release more details on our website and social media by next Sunday (May 10th, 2020).

APRIL 24th

We had originally shutdown our physical office until May 15th, 2020. Given the current situation, however, we have it is in our best interest to extend that shutdown to June 15th, 2020. The May online Board meeting will occur on May 10th, 2020. We will release more updates by then.

APRIL 12th

This is reminder that except for the general inquiry email address of info@thestemgen.org, none of the other organization emails are guaranteed to be monitored during these times. Please send ONLY urgent or relevant emails to the general inquiry email address. Thank you!


We have been monitoring the development of COVID-19 in the U.S. and have made the following decisions to ensure the safety of all our supporters and staff:


  • All in-person events (including SciWorks™ workshops) are now cancelled indefinitely until further notice.

  • Our physical office will extend shutdown until May 15th.


  • Any scheduled donations of school equipment and materials through the eduSTEM™ program are now postponed indefinitely until further notice.


  • Any online seminars or meetings scheduled to occur between now and May 1st are cancelled.


  • Starting on April 10th, there will be a separate dedicated page will be present on our website containing all important updates.


  • We encourage all to practice social distancing, maintain good hygiene habits, and follow the medical advice given by the W.H.O. and the C.D.C. diligently.

These are the most important points. For a full list of updates, please refer to this official communique released today by clicking here.

March 24th

All eduSTEM™ deliveries for the next two weeks (until April 3rd) will be postponed until May 1st.

March 13th

To ensure the health and safety of all participants and staff, we have decided to cancel all SciWorks™ events scheduled to be held between now and April 15th. We will continue to post updates as we monitor the development of the COVID-19 outbreak in the US. Thank you for your understanding.

March 9th

Our physical offices will enter shutdown beginning on March 11th until at least April 15th. This date may be extended if we deem it necessary.


To help protect staff members and participants, we have decided to cancel our monthly STEMx event originally scheduled to be held on Saturday (02/29).


This is the start of the COVID-19 updates. We will periodically post new updates to this page to help everyone stay up-to-date.